Yak on Track: Bhutan Memories

Confined to couch with a nasty bout of Laryngitis, I recently read Yak on Track by Heather Mc Niece, who, with a very fit friend, did Bhutan’s Snowman trek, one of the hardest treks in the Himalayas, with fourteen high altitude passes, spectacular scenery and ever changing weather conditions.

Collecting funghi in the forest

The book was an easy read that bought back memories of my own trip to Bhutan in 2006. As part of our cultural tour, four of us did a three day hike in the hills. I loved the experience and was more than happy to leave the trekking to fitter, younger travellers. Even though one of our party was an experienced mountain trekker, he fell in with the pace of his less fit companions on this particular Himalayan trip.

Lunch stop in a flower meadow after crossing the pass
Father and child bring hand weaving and baskets to sell

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