Creating a garden path with a barbed wire grass edge

The clump of Barbed Wire Grass along the edge my garden path grew from wind blown seed. It gave me so much joy to see this plant which miraculously found its way to the edge of the path. Then I noticed Mother Nature at work again. One-by-one three little grass seedlings appeared in a line… Continue reading Creating a garden path with a barbed wire grass edge

Botticelli to Van Gogh

Most people are familiar with this sunflower painting, so ubiquitous are Van Gogh’s works. I imagined the father telling his daughter, “See, this is the original”, studying the painting to find the signature. No matter how good the reproductions of this painting, none will prepare you for the extraordinary luminosity of the actual work. I… Continue reading Botticelli to Van Gogh

A dog designing garden paths

That’s what my amazingly creative sister did. She’s using her garden as a 3-D canvas while taking a break from other creative pursuits. Meanwhile, Kaiser, her German Shepard provided a helping paw, showcasing his talent for path creation. Rob noticed that each day Kaiser had his little walking ritual. Being a Shepherd, bred for guarding,… Continue reading A dog designing garden paths

Birth and Death: an abstract painting

Birth and death are inextricably linked. As one life passes, new life springs forth. This is an intensely personal abstract painting that was selected for the 2018 Taste of Art exhibition at the Noosa Regional Gallery. Somehow it resonates again in the wider context of the pandemic we are facing. I am letting it go,… Continue reading Birth and Death: an abstract painting

Mixed media – abstract animals

It could have been in storage; A mixed media canvas, propped on the workbench, waiting to be put away before I opened up for Noosa Open Studios. But two of my Marcus Artisan buddies called by and persuaded me to put it on display. Thanks to Julie and Kris, this work got a showing. I… Continue reading Mixed media – abstract animals