Photo Friday – hiking in Morocco

Because I am not a professional photographer, the photos I take are not always the best shots technically. I snapped these hiking boots at a trekking lodge in the Azzaden Valley in the Atlas Mountains, without stopping to focus or compose the shot. Our the guide was ready to set off for the day so I needed to remove my walking shoes from the line-up and lace them up post haste!

The colours of Morocco; the rich warm purple-brown door, the soft apricot orange of the painted stucco mud walls, the lighter orange courtyard tiles in a traditional simple pattern with smaller tiles that introduced a hint of green. An effortless complimentary colour scheme that would do any highly paid designer proud.

Is it my favourite photo? That is a pointless question as I have so many that I absolutely love for all sorts of reasons. Travel shots feature heavily in the favourites stakes because I use my camera most when travelling. Travel photos are visual memories – of people, places and special moments – memories that can be re-lived.

It doesn’t matter to me that the photo is slightly out of focus, or that I used on a relatively cheap ‘point and click’ Sony camera rather than a DSLR Nikon. The photo tells a story of the moment. That’s why it is among my favourites. And there’s absolutely no pressure to make it anything more than what it is.






2 responses to “Photo Friday – hiking in Morocco”

  1. mojourner Avatar

    It’s not the camera that makes the photo. Love the colors and the POV in yours.


    1. Jude Tulloch Avatar

      Thanks @mojourner. Always good to hear from you.🙂


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