Friday Photos: Boulders

Boldly, bold, bolder, boulder

What is it like to live with an affinity for boulders? I want to rescue boulders destined for the tip to put in my garden. I love sitting on boulders. How often do they serve as a snack stop on bush walks? I use boulders to step across creeks, I collect pebbles which are ‘mini boulders’ as momentoes when I travel. Boulders are solid and reassuring, though sometimes they can tilt precariously or slide down mountains. I love them all the same.

I’m not the only creature that appreciates boulders.

An artist’s way of navigating a roadtrip

From Moama to Mansefield

My last blog reminded me of another roadtrip in 2017. Journeys of any kind stir a creative response. I searched amongst my art room chaos for the visual diary I took on the trip. This map took me to a destination to a laugh and cry and be fully present with a very dear friend. It was a precious time.

Coonabarabran to Narandera, Moama to Mansfield

Road Trip of my dreams

I am taking this opportunity to re-live my wonderful road trip in the USA in 2019. We are still locked out of the wider world down under in Australia. It seems bizarre and unreal.

I appreciate the road trip my husband and I did in the USA all the more in the current context. The colours and grandeur of the landscape, the wonderful hospitality and friendliness we experienced wherever we went, the wide open spaces, the complexity, contradictions and contrasts made this a very special trip.

Happy New Year to all. May this year bring more settled and less distressing times for us all.

Friday Photo Fatally Flawed

I’ve done the maths. My earnest endeavours to reduce the photo files via Friday Photo are completely unrealistic! In 5.3 years, on current performance I might have reduced the number to about 13,000. That’s assuming I don’t add any more photos. I’ll be totally bored and over it well before then.

Fortunately I can lighten up and chuckle at my own naivety. Time to rethink. Step one an app to remove duplicate files. I’m looking at Duplicate File Finder at the moment, (the free version) It will still be a slow process. Is it worth buying the paid version. Any recommendation from the Blogosphere on good Apps or approaches?

I nod have some really interesting images and I will start to post them over time. Think I need to get rid of a whole lot of stuff first.

Any help from others who have tackled this problem successfully would be a real boost.

Market in Magway Myanmar

Sand Sculpture

Fourteen years ago, I watched the daylight fade and saw this magnificent sand sculpture transform into a glowing magical fairytale castle as the darkness deepened.

The original Noosa Sandman, Dennis Massoud had already completed it Colin and I arrived at Bistro C with our friends Deb and Greg and their two daughters Maddie and Chloe. It was a celebration of our recent move to the Sunshine Coast. What a beautiful night with our first interstate visitors from Melbourne.

Dennis Massoud has created sand sculptures all around the east Coast of Australia.

The Photo Friday Challenge

Hi. I’m Jude Tulloch, a creative artist wanting your  help. Here’s the plan. Each Friday I choose a photo to post. At the same time I cull, then name the remaining photos taken on that day. The aims: to transform computer chaos into a cogent collection of meaningful  photos, and, to have some fun. I’d love a shrinking photo universe, but will settle for steady state. Here are the stats to date:

Starting Point: 27,781 photos; 51 videos; 166GB.

Photo File DatePhotos DeletedPhotos AddedTotal
Jan 19 20089027,771

Magnetic Island

An unsurpassed natural beauty

Island Holiday Break, June 2021

This breathtaking view along the boardwalk from Nelly Bay to Arcadia (above) transfixed my artist’s eye. What a joy, walking in the National Park observing the different habitats, from mangroves to literal rainforests. With 76% percent of the rocky island being National Park, there are 10 distinct regional ecosystems here. Nine have a biodiversity status “of concern” and one is “endangered”.

Look up when walking in the Eucalypt forests and you will almost certainly find a Koala. There are Rock Wallabies by the ocean at Bright Point in Nellie Bay. The Beach Stone Curlew, one of 17 rare or endangered birds, fossicks in bush nearby the shores.


Kids planting trees

Hanging out to dry

27 pairs of work gloves

Like bats on a tree

Thanks to the Pengari Steiner School year eights who did a wonderful job of planting tubestock on the dunes at Marcus Beach, May 20, 2021

Easter Sunday Mosaics Workshop

Canberra Getaway

Planet over Painting

2021: The artist emerges

Hi WordPress World. For those who don’t know me I’m Jude Tulloch. For those who do, welcome to what I hope will be an exciting year of blogging. I’m an artist who travels, loves photography and caring for the bushland that surrounds my home in Australia on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

That’s me on September 11, 2019 in Times Square. Who could have imagined how much the world would change since that 7/11 Memorial Day in New York which I shared with dear friends?

Feeling extraordinarily thankful to be in a Covid-free zone, I am eager to rethink both my site and my blog which currently are completely separate. 

 My website is about Jude the artist, but most of my blogs are on travel, so those who follow me tend to be travellers. This divide now feels unnatural. I want to integrate my blog and website.

I’m up for the challenge, and would value any tips, thoughts, ideas, inspiration from anyone out there in the WordPress community. Tell me about what you are creating, because after all, a blog is an act of creation in itself.