Paddington Reservoir Gardens

Its worth a walk up Oxford St Sydney to discover these sunken gardens designed around the remnants of an old water storage reservoir. The old Paddington Town Hall at street level is in the background.

Ah the Ocean

The familiar smell of the ocean, different at a city wharf it’s true, not like the expansive surf rolling on to the sandy beaches where I live, but beckoning me all the same. After all the time in the desert, it feels like I have come home.

Maritime Museum at San Diego

Home is only a train, a bus and a plane away. What a wonderful adventure I’ve had. Now I can hardly wait to see how all these experiences meld and influence my creative endeavours. I feel full of energy and ideas.

Bilbao Park, San Diego

For two special people

Dia de los Muertos

“That’s what happened to the last person who took this lift” Col quipped.

The Day of the Dead is a holiday in Mexico that is a celebration remembering friends and family who have died. It’s a tradition alive and well in Old Town San Diego.

Street Market in Little Italy San Diego

We walked out of our hotel into the Saturday Morning Street Market in Date St

Kinetic Sculpture in Palm Springs

Its cleverly cantilevered forms moved effortlessly, as if by magic, creating shapes that, from where I sat, looked two dimensional then three dimensional.

I became entranced watching this graceful sculpture slowly change its form as I sipped my latte on the terrace of Koffi on Tahquitz Canyon Road, Palm Springs.

I crossed the road to find out who sculpted the piece but alas could find no name.

“Pit stop” in Benson Arizona

Benson, Arizona population 4,873.

The first hint of the air pollution to come in California. Our hotel was located conveniently close to the highway – no extra charge for the container truck fumes.

I tried not to smile when Col asked for a quiet room. “I’ve got you on the highway side” said the cheery lady at reception. It’s quieter than the railroad side. The freight trains run every twenty minutes all night long.