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  • Lunana – Revisiting Bhutan at the Cinema

    Lunana: There’s a Yak in the Classroom The story Ugyen Dorji is a young urban schoolteacher, aspiring to become a singer, desperate to leave Bhutan for bigger and better things in Australia. Instead, he is posted to the most remote school in Bhutan, the very antithesis of his dreams. After an arduous eight-day trek, he…

  • Yak on Track: Bhutan Memories

    Confined to couch with a nasty bout of Laryngitis, I recently read Yak on Track by Heather Mc Niece, who, with a very fit friend, did Bhutan’s Snowman trek, one of the hardest treks in the Himalayas, with fourteen high altitude passes, spectacular scenery and ever changing weather conditions. The book was an easy read that bought…

  • Bhutan: Travel Through Art

    Bhutan: Travel Through Art

    A monk washes robes in the the courtyard of a Buddhist temple in Bhutan

  • Art Travel

    Today I took some paintings of Bhutan out of storage. I would have been travelling right now, but instead I am preparing for Noosa Open Studios. If it wasn’t for Covid-19, I wouldn’t be opening my studio space up for people to visit. If wasn’t for the border closures between Queensland and the southern states,…