Mother’s day memorial

My mother has no gravestone. Gravestones, like funerals are for the living. Or for the dying, a re-assurance that somehow, once gone, we will be remembered by a physical marker, something solid and tangible. I really don’t know what mum would have thought about a memorial. When death calls, we forget to ask. I am sure though that she wanted to be remembered. That…

Anzac Day Memorial

Tomorrow I will be on the driveway at 6.00 am observing the makeshift Anzac Memorial that my neighbour will unveil on his wall. A news report tonight predicted that driveway memorials might draw a larger number of people than the traditional Anzac Day ceremonies. Such is the power of the idea of collective remembering. War memorials, like other public memorials such as the Septemeber…

Fifties Fridge

I’m developing a new series of artworks using old family photos, collage and photomontage. (Pun intended.) While this work contains much that is personal and meaningful only to me and my family, it is also a commentary on the many roles of women, the changing images of women, the tensions and struggles that women navigate and much more. The idea arose when I came…

Guardian of the garden

Snakes in the pool, snakes in the trees, snakes crossing the path, snakes in the grass. Warm weather and rain brings abundance. I call this snake the guardian of the garden. With a skin made of shell, l created it with the beautifully patterned python in mind.

Coffee art

My neighbour Mark very generously gifted me a barista course so that I can get the most out of my new coffee machine. I’m thinking there’s hundreds of coffees preceding this beautiful coffee art by the barista at Compound in Coolum Beach. They do seriously good coffee.

Paddington Reservoir Gardens

Its worth a walk up Oxford St Sydney to discover these sunken gardens designed around the remnants of an old water storage reservoir. The old Paddington Town Hall at street level is in the background.

Artist in residence

Assembling materials for a three week artist in residency at The Butter Factory in April.