Silver forms, Melbourne

I am infinitely distractable. While searching for an art reference I came across this photo taken out of a hotel room in Melbourne a few years ago. Needless-to-say the sculptural quality of this roof, together with the extraordinary morning light completely captivated me. The circle is the reflection of the lense in the window.

Rooftop of Southern Cross Station, Melbourne Australia

A Python moved through the garden

Col almost accidently picked up this 2.4 metre (nearly 8ft) python minding its business under a veranda. I had said I’d need to be careful about removing the plastic sheet where I have temporarily stored some hay and lucerne from the rain, as it would be an ideal place for snakes.

After some consideration the snake decided to make its way slowly around the edge of the house. I decided to close the roller door and postpone my painting for a while. Col opened the side gate to save it from slithering up it.

Through the gate and up the fence to the seclusion of a tree next door. We did let the neighbours know they had a visitor.

Coincidental Art

Paint moves in mysterious ways. I paused for a moment, looking away from the rough portrait block-in. The colours, with just a touch of rust red, lively swirling patterns and the subtle translucent textures of the watercolour paint completely captivated me. An unlikely ephemeral creation had materialised on my palette. Now the sketchy picture, the ‘real’ art looked so stiff and lifeless in comparison.

2020 painting: Sunrise at Marcus Creek


Recycle re-use

Ah the Ocean

The familiar smell of the ocean, different at a city wharf it’s true, not like the expansive surf rolling on to the sandy beaches where I live, but beckoning me all the same. After all the time in the desert, it feels like I have come home.

Maritime Museum at San Diego

Home is only a train, a bus and a plane away. What a wonderful adventure I’ve had. Now I can hardly wait to see how all these experiences meld and influence my creative endeavours. I feel full of energy and ideas.