C.A.P. Impasse Number Two

A fresh look in the morning and we see that we are still not on track. We keep trying all sorts of things, more fabric, less fabric, adding elements, re-arranging elements then taking them away. We only have today to go and feel like throwing in the towel.

Finally we decide we have absolutely nothing to lose now. It’s been fantastic working together, we’ve learned heaps, and if we don’t like the finished piece what does it matter? It hasn’t worked so far, so we may as well just use it to experiment.

Lesson number three: when creating, let loose and give yourself permission to play!

Rob wants to paint the birds. I find some colourful knitting yarn amongst her stashes. I start sticking it on the canvas. She sews some on her painted birds. It’s getting really late. We’ll see what all this fun looks like in the light of day. Tomorrow I catch the train.

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