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Tag: C.A.P

  • C.A.P. Drastic Measures

    This is what I have rolled up in my backpack to take home; two pieces instead of one. Rob woke up with the idea of cutting the canvas. I thought of turning the paintings around. We hastily stuck the birds on. Observation: Rob cuts and re-assembles, whereas I look at things from different angles.

  • C.A.P. It’s STILL not quite right

    We’ve added thread to the canvas and the painted blanket birds which have red netting underneath them. We are still not entirely happy with the result. It’s eleventh hour now.

  • C.A.P. Playing around

    Here is a painted blanket bird and some bits of yarn we will play around with these on the canvas.

  • C.A.P. Breakthrough

    Who would have thought that turning a batik bird over could make you jubilant? We really like the look and  feel of the woollen Op Shop blanket on the reverse side of the birds. They look so much better than the busy birds. They can stay blu tacked up and we will see how they […]