C.A.P. Thinking Outside the Square

One of the things this project is teaching me is not to become too wedded  to your original idea. I love the batik fabric but it is simply too busy for its backdrop. There’s no time to make new birds.

Lesson number two: integrate all the elements of the project from the outset.

We realise now that we have been working on two separate projects, making cut out birds, and doing a painting. Even the way we  we set out the posts reflects this. The birds look like they are stuck on like an afterthought.


The question is do we abandon the birds and work up the painting? No I really want this to be a mixed media piece that incorporates the fabric elements that Rob works with. It is a question of rethinking.

By Jude Tulloch

An outsider contemporary artist, I revel in exploring ideas through visual mediums and pushing the boundaries of my creative practice. In life, I strive for balance, by caring for the earth, practicing Tai Chi and learning about the world through travel.

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