British Child Migrants Memorial

She occupies a corner of a courtyard at the Migration Museum in Adelaide, It is not a not particularly appealing space, yet I found myself moving closer, drawn to this skinny elongated form.

The bronze figure is dedicated to the other (non-Indigenous) stolen generation, children, some orphans, some wards of the state, sent from Britain to Australia between 1912 and 2067. Some came to Adelaide, the idea being they could have a new life on the other side of the world, and that somehow, cut adrift from all that they knew, they would make a better life for themselves, alone, in an unknown country.

There is an extraordinary complexity to this artwork for me, as the figure evokes different emotions and thoughts depending on my viewing point. Perhaps she is dancing, or begging, crippled, exposed, frightened and weary. Perhaps she will succeed in her new country, become strong and defiant, and speak out for others.

South Australian artist Tim Thomson created the sculpture in 2007.

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