Travelers’ termite fad

Why would anyone put a T-shirt on a termite mound, I wondered? Richard our aboriginal guide at the Cutta Cutta caves, without offering an opinion on this anthropomorphic practice flourishing along the Stuart Highway, explained that it was the latest tourist fad. Being of an artistic bent I photographed a particularly appealing “family group” relaxing under a shady tree.

While appreciating the creative gestures of some of these creations I still much prefer termite mounds unadorned. They are purpose-built housing, perfectly adapted for their harsh climate. Does the additional clothing have any impact on the colony? I have no idea, and I doubt that the anthropomorphic travellers who leave their Stanford logo polos, hot indestructible polyester hiking shirts, or self inscribed “t”s accessorised with sun hats and “tinnie’s” would give much thought for the extraordinarily complex colony that inhabits a termite mound.

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