Snake Skin

Brown Snake Skin

There it was, the recently shed skin of a Common Brown Snake, just behind the pool and very close to Jimmy the poodle’s yard. The skin measured just over 1.5m so the snake is well on its way to the adult size of 2.2m. These snakes are not ones that you want around your house as they are nervous, easily provoked and dangerously venomous. I hope he is passing through, and not living under the pool where the goanna used to live.

Try as I will to, I cannot overcome my fear of snakes and this one is deadly. Last summer a dog died in its yard at Marcus Beach after killing a Brown snake but not before being bitten. Browns thrive on the edges of built up areas, and there are many in the dunes here too.

I jumped the other night when I went out to pick some greens for tea and spied a Carpet Python curled around the frame of the swing chair. Pythons are harmless to humans and quite beautiful but that fear response when it comes to snakes seems innate. A few of years ago I found a Red Bellied Black snake shedding its skin in the veggie box under the eaves at the back of our house. Needlees to say I didn’t pick any veggies for a couple of days. Oh that the elegant Red Bellies were back. They are said to keep the Browns away.

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