Nothing beats having a little notebook in your bag in case inspiration strikes at an unexpected moment. Yes, we all have phones with various note apps, cameras and Siri or the like, but the physical act of putting pen or pencil to paper still has an unsurpassable quality to it.
So how could I resist these exquisite hand drawn designs on recycled card and paper at Lyrebirds Lair Gallery in Wandiligong, a pretty heritage village about six kilometres from the town of Bright? Immediately drawn to them, I didn’t even realise that it was TriffidGirl herself – Jennifer Swift – whose morning coffee in the sun I had interrupted. 

Thanks Jennifer. Now my sister and I will have a beautiful place to record those little fleeting ideas, as well as more prosaic stuff if caught out. Experience tells me that you can pretty much guarantee a customer will turn up if you sit in the sun with a coffee. Roll on coffee and sunshine!

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