My other car is a Mercedes

I love coming across home grown creativity such as this humourous hedge clip in a garden in Mytleford, Victoria.  Too good a  photo oppertunity to miss, it prompted me to get off my bike. Mytleford, a 30km bike ride along the Murrey to Mountains Rail Trail from Bright,  was our lunch destination. The Rail Trail… Continue reading My other car is a Mercedes

Marrakesh Biennale 6

How lucky to find myself in Marrakesh during the Biennale in 2016. I came across this installation at an intersection while checking out local galleries in the suburb of Gueliz. The Zbel Manifesto Collective of four artists from Marrakesh comment here on something close to my heart, a concern about the proliferation of plastic, or… Continue reading Marrakesh Biennale 6

Homeward bound

  There comes a point on a holiday when the focus changes abruptly. The anticipation of new destinations, and the enjoyment of the journey fade into to past. Now there is a goal directed singlemindedness; you are heading for home. Being homeward bound has its own particular rythme. A long day’s highway drive is punctuated by… Continue reading Homeward bound

Seats on the sand

There is something irresistible about unexpected, improvised creature comforts on a deserted beach. These chairs invite you to stop and take in the view. Perhaps some thoughtful locals placed them on Queens Head North Shore Beach. Or was it surfers, who use the spot to survey the waves? From the stone breakwater at Port Macquarie… Continue reading Seats on the sand

Tea garden

    Tea and Treasure is the the name of a quaint cafe in an old weatherboard house with pretty verandas in Port Macquirie, New South Wales. The tiny ‘tea garden’ along the fence delighted me almost as much as the pet galah that the owner produced from the ‘birds nest’ under the counter.

Wake me up…

    Cats are part of the urban landscape in Morocco and so, they will figure strongly in this series. Though I admire the capacity of cats to fend for themselves and survive without human assistance, it is this very characteristic that can cause ecological upset. They are, as I have already noted, killers. Of the… Continue reading Wake me up…

Wake me up to create

The Medina in Fez is the place to see artisans at work. Mosaics, ceramics, leatherwork, ironwork and rug making all take place in workshops clustered together as they have for hundreds of years. There are alleys of tailors embroidering colourful Jalabas, and a noisy section where workers bash iron pots into shape.