Creating a garden path with a barbed wire grass edge

The clump of Barbed Wire Grass along the edge my garden path grew from wind blown seed. It gave me so much joy to see this plant which miraculously found its way to the edge of the path. Then I noticed Mother Nature at work again. One-by-one three little grass seedlings appeared in a line… Continue reading Creating a garden path with a barbed wire grass edge

Tiffany Bear

Diamonds will never be my best friend so I found the promotional displays at Tiffany & Co more alluring than the merchandise. It is a beautiful store, though, with its spacious floor plan, sales staff aplenty and politely friendly lift attendants. At Tiffany & Co, service still counts, a refreshing quality in our frenetic self… Continue reading Tiffany Bear


I am loving seeing the creative spirit flourish in so many of country towns on my road trip to the Victorian Alpine region. In southern New South Wales, Deniliquin, the self proclaimed ‘Ute Capital of the World’, gives artistic expression to the workhorse of the country. The mosaic work depicts rural culture and landscape, constellations… Continue reading TransmUTE

Royal Mosaic Portrait

It is not uncommon to find a photo of the King prominently displayed in shops and stalls in Morroco. This one, behind the cash register in a busy cafe called Food Central in Marrakesh caught my eye as it is a mosaic portrait.