Tiffany Bear

Diamonds will never be my best friend so I found the promotional displays at Tiffany & Co more alluring than the merchandise.

It is a beautiful store, though, with its spacious floor plan, sales staff aplenty and politely friendly lift attendants. At Tiffany & Co, service still counts, a refreshing quality in our frenetic self service retail world.

Segway to the Met where examples of mosaic decorative works by Louis C Tiffany including this fountain base c1905-1910 designed for the mosaic wall mural pictured.

Mosaic Ball

Mosaic ball


I am loving seeing the creative spirit flourish in so many of country towns on my road trip to the Victorian Alpine region. In southern New South Wales, Deniliquin, the self proclaimed ‘Ute Capital of the World’, gives artistic expression to the workhorse of the country. The mosaic work depicts rural culture and landscape, constellations and community spirit in a project in which over 200 people participated.

The nearby visitors centre and museum are well worth a visit; great coffee and cakes with a pleasant outdoor eating area too. That’s another bonus of visiting proud country towns in the southern states at this time of year. Roses everywhere, in curbside plantings, gracing the gardens of verandaed period weatherboard homes, and filling the Lyons and Rotary parks with their colourful fragrance blooms, a special gift to the travellers who stop to use the public conveniences.

The Owl and the Lizard

A photo – one of my favourites – from my second WordPress post, to celebrate 100 posts.

BA 45 Marcus Creek January 2014

This frillneck lizard still lives in our garden, though my mosiac owl now sits tucked away under a tree, grounded by termites that made a feast of its perching place.

There was purpose in the lizard’s highly focused, regal pose – a potential meal of chicks in the large tree close by.

The lizard came back again and again but, as far as I know, the mother bird successfully guarded her chicks from the predator.

Royal Mosaic Portrait


It is not uncommon to find a photo of the King prominently displayed in shops and stalls in Morroco.

This one, behind the cash register in a busy cafe called Food Central in Marrakesh caught my eye as it is a mosaic portrait.