Jude Tulloch Artist

Category: Environment

  • Bird and racehorse make Aussie slang

    Spangled Drongo Dicrurus bracteatusDicruridae A spangled Drongo perched momentarily on the top of the grass tree stalk, flitting between the veranda roof, the perch and the paperbark tree, catching insects mid-air in an acrobatic display. Long wire-like bristles (rictal bristles) on the side of the bill guide the prey into the Drongo’s slightly hooked bill. […]

  • Fire by the Fenceline

    A nonchalant pose in the face of an inferno? No, it’s a controlled burn, though it did go to the right edge of the fire brake where a park ranger gave it a gentle hose.

  • Controlled burn

    Looking over the National Park the other evening; a gentle crackling fire, so different from the infernos we see on the news in this climate change era.

  • The art of noticing nature’s creative flare

    Along the tide line at Nellie Bay Magnetic Island