Pacific Black Ducks in camouflage

See the light and look into the shadows

Below the balcony at the Kingfisher Resort, on K’gari which is the world’s largest sand island, in the shadows flowed a little stream created by the tropical downpour during the night. There, a pair of Pacific Black Ducks pushed their flat beaks into the water, enjoying an unexpected feed. They blended so well with their surroundings that it took me a few seconds to realise there were two.

The shape, colour and pattern of their feathers melted into the leaf litter and resembled ripples of the water, the orange of their webbed feet picked up the orange colour of decaying leaves,  while the blue-tinged beaks and teal under feathers carried over the patches of the water, coloured where the sun seeped in.

When I came back from a walk in the late afternoon, these two were still enjoying the water. It is comforting to find beauty and life in the shadows. Look for it, wherever you find yourself.

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