Jude Tulloch Artist

Tag: Markets

  • Cupid awake and asleep

    Reflections from a window provide a modern take on Morris Burke Parkinson’s late ┬áVictorian photogravures of four-year-old Josephine Anderson, copyrighted by the photographer in 1897. Parkinson’s work is highly stylized and dramatic with something of a staged effect, typical of Pictorialism, a ┬ástyle of photography made popular by Henry Peach Robinson in the 1860’s. The […]

  • Betel leaf

    What an enticing way to display this vine leaf, in a market at Magwe Myanmar. Betel leaf can be used to wrap foods such as peanuts or shrimps for a nutritious snack, cooked or added to salads. Not to be confused with betel nut which is the fruit of the Areca palm. Pattern and colour […]

  • Market in Thimpu

    Market in Thimpu, Bhutan, oil on canvas, 46x46cm, (18×18″)