The rain floods our dog walking path

Water on the bridge across the ephemeral wetland May 18, 2022

Water over the bridge May 23, 2022. In fourteen years, this is only the second time I have seen this bridge flooded. It took some time for the water to subside.

What a difference a month makes

Water on the track May 2022

La Niña, the weather driver associated with higher rain in eastern Australia meant we had a bumper wet season.
The persistent heavy rain caused flooding, havoc and dislocation in some coastal towns and hinterland areas.


Same track July

Fortunately where I live the sandy soils absorbed the water, replenishing the underground aquifers depleted by six years of low rainfall.
But even here, the water in the ephemeral wetlands and swales along our coastal reserves was more widespread than I’ve seen and has taken longer than usual to dissipate.





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