Friday Photo Fatally Flawed

I’ve done the maths. My earnest endeavours to reduce the photo files via Friday Photo are completely unrealistic! In 5.3 years, on current performance I might have reduced the number to about 13,000. That’s assuming I don’t add any more photos. I’ll be totally bored and over it well before then.

Fortunately I can lighten up and chuckle at my own naivety. Time to rethink. Step one an app to remove duplicate files. I’m looking at Duplicate File Finder at the moment, (the free version) It will still be a slow process. Is it worth buying the paid version. Any recommendation from the Blogosphere on good Apps or approaches?

I nod have some really interesting images and I will start to post them over time. Think I need to get rid of a whole lot of stuff first.

Any help from others who have tackled this problem successfully would be a real boost.

Market in Magway Myanmar



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