A “star” at the Deckchair Cinema

We were sitting on high stools enjoying the sunset over Darwin Harbour and eating organic vegetarian curry, when polite young woman approached. “I’m from the ABC.” She said, “Do you mind me asking you what you like about the Deckchair Cinema?”

So I told her .

“That’s great. Would you mind saying exactly the same thing to the camera?”

I’m not one for putting myself forward but I realised at that moment that she’d approached another table nearby and had a knock back.

“Why not?” I said. After all I was unlikely to see the interview, and it might not make the cut for Vox Popoli anyway.

A cameraman appeared the instant I agreed from I know not where with a massive movie camera that came disconcertingly close to my face. And I came to watch a show not be in a show!

I gave the Deckchair Cinema a great wrap, and think it’s a must if you are visiting Darwin. As to my ten seconds of fame, I will never know if it came to pass.

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