A Gallery Experience


I mostly take photos in galleries, (when permissable) as references for myself. Occassionally, a gallery presents an opportunity for a photo that has a little more to it. In this instance at the Australian National Gallery I found myself captivated by the space and the dramatic way in which the the works had been hung. This particular one stopped me in my tracks. On entering the gallery space, the initial view was from the side. The white painter figure appeared to hurtle out of the interior towards me. Such energy emanating from the canvas almost took my breath away! Clearly, the position of this work on the left wall was an intentional act.

Standing directly in front of the painting  across the room, I grasped its immensity when my camera found a human reference point. Arther Boyd’s work, to my mind, is always big and bold in intent while at the same time being intensely introverted and personal. Perhaps therein lies its power. I love the juxtapositions in this painting; of interior with exterior, of  geometric shapes with fluid forms, of light and dark, and of the movement of the figures contrasted to the solid immovable construction of door frame.




By Jude Tulloch

An outsider contemporary artist, I revel in exploring ideas through visual mediums and pushing the boundaries of my creative practice. In life, I strive for balance, by caring for the earth, practicing Tai Chi and learning about the world through travel.

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