Collage holiday momento

Collage holiday momento

The photo in my post The things we do to trees was the inspiration for these collages. Embedded in the materials used, is the story of a journey. It began at the workshop at QAGOMA (Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art) with Brisbane artist John Honeywill. With the intention of doing collage on my recent trip, I packed the black paper from the workshop rather than take my paints.

Originally to be the base sheet, the black paper succumbed to the scissors, and became an element in the design when I found an unopened packet of shimmering mauve card. The card, together with a couple of silk ties from an opportunity shop in Port Macquarie, NSW, are the memory of our first four day stop.

Fast forward to week-long stay in Bright, Vic, where the weather dictated an indoor day.  I already had a strong  motif  of a  circular shape with a cut-out chunk  derived from the tree photographed in Harrietville. That tree, trimmed to accomodate powerlines, had left a strong visual impression. So the assemblage began. That double sided quality of silk, and the inside seam of the tie suggested a tree trunk.

These resultant designs are rough and ready, even incorporating cut out scribbles, but they kept my creative spirit fuelled. Try making a holiday momento. A collage can be about your journey literally, metorphorically or materially, like these ones are. Why not collect holiday bits and bobs with your children, and have some fun on a rainy day with glue and scissors instead of a computer screen?

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