Colour and Glazing

Catherine Hamilton Workshop

This is an exercise in colour mixing, glazing and paint application techniques. I did it last weekend at a two day workshop at the Queensland Art Gallery in Brisbane run by Victorian artist Catherine Hamilton.

What an amazing array of colours from a restricted pallette of Cerulean Blue, Cadmuim Yellow Medium and Quinacridone Magenta. The light grays came from tinting with Titanium White. Early in my painting life I always used a restricted pallette and mixed my own colours, but over the years I’ve got lazy. Gradually more and more ready made colours have crept into my paint box. So this is back to first principles.

The Schmincke Artists’ Acrylics that we used are an absolute joy to paint with;  extraordinarily potent pigments. I am really energised and already working on some works that experiment with laying glaze on glaze to give those beautiful glows of colour through colour. Such a depth and complexity cannot be replicated when mixing pigment on the pallette before applying it to the canvas.

Thank-you Catherine for a wonderful informative, inspiring and fun workshop.

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