Wake me up…


wmu scavenge

Casablanca scavenging cat


Cats are part of the urban landscape in Morocco and so, they will figure strongly in this series. Though I admire the capacity of cats to fend for themselves and survive without human assistance, it is this very characteristic that can cause ecological upset. They are, as I have already noted, killers.

Of the 29 mammal species in Australia  believed to have become extinct since European settlement, cats are implicated in all but one of these, according to an article in last weekend’s Australain Newspaper entitled The Feral-Proof Fence.

Some of Australia’s most coverted outback conservation areas such as the Kakadu National Park, a popular tourist destination, are no longer safe havens for our vulnerable, often nocturnal small, mouse-like mammals. That is why the Australian Wildlife Conservency plans to build a two-metre high electrified fence around 500 square kilometres of land, part of a former cattle station, 350 kilometres north west of Alice Springs.

This weekend wake up to the conservataion challenges that confront our  planet. To me it is terribly sad that in this vast and wonderful land I call home, we find it necessary to corale our native animals to keep them from disappearing from the face of the earth.




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