A reluctant blogger

There is something highly seductive about the business of blogging. There-in lies my reluctance as a blogger. Why then, did I create this site?

It marks a turning point for me; a serious commitment to my art. In the past my relationship to art was a de facto one, sometimes committed, but often estranged. Like a wedding ceremony, my site is a public acknowledgement of commitment, a ’til death us do part’ engagement in art.

Garage galleryIMG_5788
From Garage Gallery to Virtual Gallery that’s my aim

I have it on good authority from an artist colleague that there are more artists per capita on the Sunshine Coast than in the capital cities of Brisbane, Melbourne or Sydney. Since there is also decline in local galleries, I decided to create a web page as a means of display.

Producing art is one thing, putting it out there is another, especially for a person who prefers to be behind the scenes rather than in the lime light.  Why do it if you find it hard? Well we all want acknowledgement for things we hold dear and strive for. But more than that, art does require an audience because it is in essence interactive.

That’s what my art group remind me each week. We commiserate when we are off our game, rejoice at a breakthrough, and honour each other’s endeavours. I love the way paintings evoke different responses. Seen through their eyes, there is always so much more to my paintings than I imagine.

I was moved and humbled one day when one of my classmates welled up with emotion while viewing a painting of the outback. The painting brought back memories for her of how harsh it was living on the  land as a girl. Art moves us, stimulates our imagination, evokes memories, disturbs us, causes us the think and to wonder.

Workbench art IMG_5789

Now to explain my blogging reluctance. Quite simply, time spent sitting surfing the net and blogging is time I could be standing at my easel or workbench doing what I love most.

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