More turtles, rubbish bins, and school excursions

Rubbish bin and hands IMG_7261I have an ‘art’ collection of computer generated collages on my mixed media page – the Rubbish Collection. It is an offshoot from another project.

A year or so ago I made two decoupage waste paper bins to go in an exhibition on art and the environment. It is no coincidence that I made them the exact dimensions of my kitchen tidy, and that I choose cylinders made of recycled cardboard. I decorated the remaining cylinder off cut with photos of polystyrene and bits of plastic from the beach.

Rubbish Bins IMG_6783
Bins decorated with photos of rubbish collected in five day period from this beach

This morning a few of us from the Marcus Beach Bushcare Association assisted with an environmental excursion for a group of year nine students from a local College.

Rubbish Turtle IMG_6771

We took down the rubbish turtle made by Susan, from Turtlewatch. The kids thought it was really cool. I’d packed my rubbish bins thinking, I’ll bring them out if the kids look like they might be interested. After the reaction to the turtle, I figured they’d like the bins.

Cylinder IMG_6777
Fish out of water: twine and plastic collected from this beach

It made my day watching the students’ reaction to the bins.

Cylinder2 IMG_6776
Pebbles and plastic

The off cut cylinder was a real tactile experience for them; they checked out the rubbish on the outside, then  felt the rough sand on the inside, and were intrigued by the photos of foam that looks like pebbles.

What’s more they did a fantastic job of cleaning up the beach and pulling weeds. What a great morning.

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