The Town of Truth or Consequences

Relaxing soak with a view at Riverbend Hot Springs, Truth or Consequences

Imagine having to write this as your postal address every time you had to fill in a form. Perhaps you could opt for an acronym TorC if the lines weren’t long enough.

In 1949 a live broadcast of a popular radio game show “Truth or Consequences” heralded the town’s name change. It was at the end of the show’s radio days (1941-1949). Truth or consequences went on to be a successful TV show that ran from 1950-1965.

I do not know whether or not the name change boosted the town’s fortune. It’s still a pleasant old style little town that draws tourists for the thing it’s original moniker describes – Hot Springs.

Call in at aptly named Passion Pie Cafe. The generous hearted proprietor has a passion for baking using fresh whole food ingredients. We indulged in delicious buttermilk fruit muffins, and had a complimentary taste of an almond and honey pastry made that melted in the mouth.