Abstract cave faces

Abstract cave faces.JPG

Pareidolia is the perception of a recognisable image or meaningful pattern where none exists or is intended. We  humans, seem to have an innate tendency to make pictures – particularly of human faces – from random elements. These marks on the wall of the limestone cave wall located in the Cutta Cutta Caves nature Park 30km south of Katherine, conjured up two  abstract faces for me. A stretch of the imagination perhaps.

Entertaining tour guides point out more obvious imagery, playfully drawing in their audience by punctuating the often lengthy list of facts they impart. Richard our guide at the Cutta Cutta Caves pointed out Elvis Presley’s head, a silverback gorilla, and the rib cage of a whale as we descended into its belly, saying that school groups are his best source of inspiration.

I am forever seeing human elements in my abstract works. Sometimes I leave them submerged, for viewers to find, should they go searching, other times I draw them out.



60x60cm, Acrylic on cotton