Tag: Painting

  • New Growth Follows Fire

    New Growth Follows Fire

    Glorious colours from emerging ferns on the wet heathlands behind my house where the Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service did a controlled burn.

  • Enjoying time with a friend

    Enjoying time with a friend

    A playful abstract collage using corrugated cardboard, silk tie fabric, and felt tipped pen, positioned on a small cotton canvas.

  • Seeing ourselves in abstract art

    Seeing ourselves in abstract art

    I am forever seeing human elements in my abstract works. Sometimes I leave them submerged, for viewers to find, should they go searching. At other times, I draw them out. Pareidolia: Check out an amazing photo of random shapes created by natural processes to which we humans attribute a meaning.

  • Garage studio transforms to kitchen

    Garage studio transforms to kitchen

    Right now I’ve converted my garage studio into a makeshift kitchen. Our Kitchen/Family room is now an echoing room devoid of any furniture or fixtures. There’s no room to paint in the garage with tradies coming and going, cabinetry, tools and tiles stored. Fortunately, February was a productive month