Jack and Jill

Coincidental Art

Paint moves in mysterious ways. I paused for a moment, looking away from the rough portrait block-in. The colours, with just a touch of rust red, lively swirling patterns and the subtle translucent textures of the watercolour paint completely captivated me. An unlikely ephemeral creation had materialised on my palette. Now the sketchy picture, the ‘real’ art looked so stiff and lifeless in comparison.

Paint Brushes – back to work

brushes (1)

Moods of Marcus opening night

Moods of Marcus Opening

I am so glad that my photographer friend Julie Hemsley had the presence of mind to snap a couple of quick shots as we were about to leave for a celebratory meal at the end of the Moods of Marcus Exhibition opening. I completely forgot to take any photos on the night! Really happy about the red dot too.

Moods of Marcus Opening

Moods of Marcus Invitation

Scrub Turkey

Scrub Turkey copy

Sometimes I like the immediacy of an unworked image that captures its subject quickly with a few strokes.


orange abstract copy

Fire, Acrylic on canvas, 61×45.5cm (24×18″)