Guardian of the garden

Snakes in the pool, snakes in the trees, snakes crossing the path, snakes in the grass. Warm weather and rain brings abundance. I call this snake the guardian of the garden.

With a skin made of shell, l created it with the beautifully patterned python in mind.

Mosaic Stepping Stones


You don’t have to be a practising artist to add artistic touches in your garden. 

 This stepping stone is part of a family series created with the help of grandchildren. Each child has their own step and of course there is Grandma.

If you have a creative bent, you can design your own pieces, like the mosaic man who sits in a patch of Bracken Fern in a totally natural bush garden.


Mosaics are a wonderful way to enhance a garden by providing a focal point, and they work beautifully with the informal, relaxed look of native gardens.


 Thank you Micky for sharing your work.