Moods of Marcus opening night

Moods of Marcus Opening

I am so glad that my photographer friend Julie Hemsley had the presence of mind to snap a couple of quick shots as we were about to leave for a celebratory meal at the end of the Moods of Marcus Exhibition opening. I completely forgot to take any photos on the night! Really happy about the red dot too.

Moods of Marcus Opening

Moods of Marcus Invitation

Moods of Marcus Ready to Roll

The hard work of painting is done. All the fiddly details – framing, signing, varnishing, attaching D-rings and wire  – completed. I’ve cleaned up my art room and painting space ready for the New Year.

The wall is a great place to store works temporarily so I’ve created my own private gallery of some of the works. A little display to say goodbye to these art pieces. Now it’s just a matter of packing everything up ready for delivery and the gallery hanging on Thursday.

Finished at last! I can hardly wait to start my next project.

Moods of Marcus PaintingsMoods of Marcus Paintings



Marcus Creek Interpreted

GCS Entry

These paintings are to be hung as a group representing the changes in the tannin-stained creek at Marcus Beach. In the dry season the creek flows gently then eventually dries so that it no longer meets the sea. Storms come in from the ocean in the wet season pushing surging waves up the creek against the natural flow.

Marcus Sunrise

Marcus Beach Sunrise

I’m putting a few photos alongside the paintings in the Moods of Marcus Exhibition. Took this one a couple of days ago.