Guardian of the garden

Snakes in the pool, snakes in the trees, snakes crossing the path, snakes in the grass. Warm weather and rain brings abundance. I call this snake the guardian of the garden. With a skin made of shell, l created it with the beautifully patterned python in mind.

Hedge Hogs

You enter Coombe Yarra Valley Restaurant through this imposing hedge that protects seven acres of gardens surrounding Coombe Cottage. The restaurant, which uses fabulous local produce, and can turn out beautifully cooked dishes for 150, incorporates the old stables and garages.  Coombe Cottage, the main house, was the home of world renowned opera singer Dame… Continue reading Hedge Hogs

Tea garden

    Tea and Treasure is the the name of a quaint cafe in an old weatherboard house with pretty verandas in Port Macquirie, New South Wales. The tiny ‘tea garden’ along the fence delighted me almost as much as the pet galah that the owner produced from the ‘birds nest’ under the counter.

Nature’s “crumbs”

This is my fairy table replete with a rock sandwich that my husband found in a load of rockery stones. I love the orange fungus that grew on the table top in the last bout of rain.

Mosaic Stepping Stones

You don’t have to be a practising artist to add artistic touches in your garden.¬† ¬†This stepping stone is part of a family series created with the help of grandchildren. Each child has their own step and of course there is Grandma. If you have a creative bent, you can design your own pieces, like… Continue reading Mosaic Stepping Stones