Tag: garden art

  • Artist #1: Victoria Bradbury

    Rock inspired ephemeral environmental art Is it art, decoration or an environmental statement? My artist friend, Victoria Bradbury, who gives Jimmy the Poodle oodles of love while Col and I are away, also gave me a wonderful artistic homecoming gift. The rough stepping stones that are a short-cut  from the veranda to the backyard had…

  • Tin garden maiden with Twining Guinea Flower tresses

  • Guardian of the garden

    Snakes in the pool, snakes in the trees, snakes crossing the path, snakes in the grass. Warm weather and rain brings abundance. I call this snake the guardian of the garden. With a skin made of shell, l created it with the beautifully patterned python in mind.

  • Tale of a mermaid

    The little girls who helped their father build her are young women now. Time has rusted away her marmaid tail but she still has pert Madonna breasts. She’s growing old gracefully, with a garland of yellow flowers blooming, crown-like around her head in the spring. Once apon a time she had the letterbox suspended above…