Ho Ho Ho

Happy Christmas

Perhaps he needs a rainbow

Sometimes he looks so sad

Jimmy, my happy loving dog; sometimes he looks so sad.

Jimmy – A happy dog

Jimmy with ball

This photo warms my heart.

The photographer’s dog

Photographer's dog

Can we walk now? I’ve been so patient waiting while you take photos.

Twilight at the dog beach

Jimmy Twilight at Marcus Beach

Couldn’t help myself. Took the camera to beach this evening,

The Dog at Marcus Beach

Jimmy at Marcus Creek

Jimmy the poodle

Jimmy the poodle

Took my new camera to the beach today for a test run. It was drizzly and overcast so I did this quick head shot of Jimmy. Very happy with the detail. I can see the raindrops on his nose. A joy after using the iPhone so much.

The dog, a stick and the day moon

Jimmy and the day moon

Plastic Free July #1

Pick it up Jimmy- 109 copy

Visit http://www.plasticfreejuly.org/resourceslinks.html