Up cycling

I love gathering bits and pieces to make small creative compositions. The act of gathering and arranging various objects is like a reverie that reminds me of people, places and moments.

A nature loving women who bought an artwork at my recent exhibition, gifted me this delicate little nest, found on the the ground in her beautiful tree-filled native garden.

The enterprising little nest maker had gathered polyester fibre, from who knows where, to fashion her nest. I decided to give it a new home in wood, as I imagined that the nest once belonged in a tree or twiggy shrub.

This little collection is a homage to up cycling and recycling. I made the small mosaic ball from an old plastic ball found on the beach, and the oblong wooden bowl was made by a Zimbabwean artisan from an old Rhodesian railway sleeper. Of course the nest in the centre is the the most innovative piece of up cycling.

Gathering and placing objects is a special way of remembering.

Coffee table makeover

Coffee table

My dear little wrought iron coffee table, cast off on the street as garbage in suburban Brisbane then retrieved by Ray finally got its de-rust, lick of paint, brand new top, and a new home in the Sunshine Coast.

When re-creating a discarded object, I like to find some way to pay trubute to the original. In this instance, I decided to make a photographic collage of the After the Flood paintings in such a way that they resembled colourful tesserae in a mosiac pattern.

After the flood series

Bower bird table treasure