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  • Artist #2 Susan Nuevonen

    My latest art acquisition, a print of a work by Susan Neuvonen, fellow Noosa Open Studios artist. Susan, along with Desley Roach, Trish Menzies and I, all Marcus Beach residents, joined together to form the Marcus Mini Art Trail. I visited Susan’s studio yesterday for a preview, and felt drawn to this image. The work […]

  • Noosa Open Studios preparation

    With two weeks to go until Noosa Open Studios, I’ve cleared away various projects in my work room so that I can convert it onto a “mini gallery” Open from October 1 on Fri to Sun 10.00 am-4.00 pm Tues Oct 5

  • Is Art part of a life well lived?

     Looking back, I can see that the burning of the journals was the beginning of some important realisations that play out in my art practice. Whenever I am creating, I am totally absorbed and present in moment – or try to be. If my concentration is poor, or my mind wanders, inevitably my painting session does […]

  • Drawing: A line in the Sand

    July is art recalibration month This month I’m drawing a line in the sand. It’s down to work completing artworks for Noosa Open Studios. The garage (my workspace) and art room will be open for two long-weekends on October 1-3 and 8-10.