Hand made pottery

This photo is for my fellow Marcus Beach Artisan, Michael Wootton, who is exhibiting his spiritual ceramic vessels at our upcoming ‘Expressions’ Exhibition. You would have loved this village Michael. Yandabo is one of nine villages in Myanmar that make these traditional pots using first a foot-driven wheel, then hand beating the pots into their… Continue reading Hand made pottery

Where’s the Moon

Why post an out of focus iPhone photo of no photographic merit, taken through the windscreen, in the traffic in Canberra, of Saturday’s full moon? Once again, I’m parking an idea for an abstract painting and a new theme to explore visually.

Expanding Horizons

  The Marcus Beach Artisans met today to start planning our Exhibition called Horizons. It’s not until April 2018 but we are all hard at work. Lee’s signature beach paintings – one of which was highly commended in a recent Brisbane art show – will sit alongside other works that have water as their subject.  Kris is… Continue reading Expanding Horizons

Collage holiday momento

The photo in my post The things we do to trees was the inspiration for these collages. Embedded in the materials used, is the story of a journey. It began at the workshop at QAGOMA (Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art) with Brisbane artist John Honeywill. With the intention of doing collage on my recent trip,… Continue reading Collage holiday momento

On experiencing creativity

  I am feeling particularly energised after an afternoon workshop at QAGOMA (Queensland Art Gallery of Modern Art) with Brisbane artist John Honeywill. John had us wielding large sticks dipped in black paint across paper laid the on the floor, followed by collaging, pencil scribbling and rubber drawing. All done in the name of creativity.… Continue reading On experiencing creativity