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  • A Visual Reflection on 2021

    A Visual Reflection on 2021

    Art room insomnia Andedote

  • Glimpse of a life: the unexpected joy from a gifted collection

    Rosemary’s mother was an academic, who, when she retired, took up painting. Amongst her bookshelf-lined walls were three rows of art books. Would I like them, Rosemary asked? My bookshelves are full to brimming, but how could I resist more art books? I will take them over time I said, and go through them at […]

  • A little gallery

    I’ve converted my messy art room into a mini gallery that opens for business from tomorrow  for the next two weekends (Friday to Sunday) and next Tuesday (Oct 5) Hours: 10.00 am to 4.00pm. After seeing the workspace in the garage, visitors will be able to see what the paintings look like on the wall, […]

  • Reflection  – the creative process of painting

    Reflection – the creative process of painting

    Talented Peregian Beach photographer Julie Hemsley did a publicity shoot at Marcus Creek of me when we exhibited at The Butter Factory Arts Centre in 2018. Apart from being successful in promoting our show, I knew that the photos had something that I wanted represent using paint – reflection in water. The result? One subject, […]