A tribute to Singer sewing machines

My sister, an artist who works with fabric, loves the gentle click, click, click of her hand operated Singer, a no nonsense unembellished model, still stitching after eighty years of use. Her recent acquisition, bought from an avid collector and fellow artist, sits on a Singer Treadle table that she already had. Enshrined the corner… Continue reading A tribute to Singer sewing machines

Abstract cave faces

Pareidolia is the perception of a recognisable image or meaningful pattern where none exists or is intended. We  humans, seem to have an innate tendency to make pictures – particularly of human faces – from random elements. These marks on the wall of the limestone cave wall located in the Cutta Cutta Caves nature Park 30km… Continue reading Abstract cave faces

Travelers’ termite fad

Why would anyone put a T-shirt on a termite mound, I wondered? Richard our aboriginal guide at the Cutta Cutta caves, without offering an opinion on this anthropomorphic practice flourishing along the Stuart Highway, explained that it was the latest tourist fad. Being of an artistic bent I photographed a particularly appealing “family group” relaxing… Continue reading Travelers’ termite fad

Textile art large and small at the F Project

One of the things I love about my sister Robyn Burn’s exhibition Gentle Madness is that it showcases the way she can work on small delicate pieces like her Japanese inspired doily prints, then move to massive quilted works. Full marks to F Project’s Helen Bunyon who incorporated this aspect of Robyn’s work into the… Continue reading Textile art large and small at the F Project

Turning mounts into art

I took some photos of the various stages of a painting to illustrate an artist’s talk I did yesterday. Temprarily mounted on white sheets, I stuck them on plyboard offcuts, ‘painted’ at the end of painting sessions with leftover paint; it reduces the amount of paint that goes into the drain system. Before long I… Continue reading Turning mounts into art

Counter Art

Stopped by for a coffee at “A Little Shop of Soul” in Cooroy after a trip to the Butter Factory Arts Centre. It’s a hidden gem of a bookshop with a shady, plant-filled courtyard and a touch of magic.  Got talking to owner Zoe about the Expressions Exhibition. She had a beautiful leaf on the… Continue reading Counter Art