Up cycling

I love gathering bits and pieces to make small creative compositions. The act of gathering and arranging various objects is like a reverie that reminds me of people, places and moments.

A nature loving women who bought an artwork at my recent exhibition, gifted me this delicate little nest, found on the the ground in her beautiful tree-filled native garden.

The enterprising little nest maker had gathered polyester fibre, from who knows where, to fashion her nest. I decided to give it a new home in wood, as I imagined that the nest once belonged in a tree or twiggy shrub.

This little collection is a homage to up cycling and recycling. I made the small mosaic ball from an old plastic ball found on the beach, and the oblong wooden bowl was made by a Zimbabwean artisan from an old Rhodesian railway sleeper. Of course the nest in the centre is the the most innovative piece of up cycling.

Gathering and placing objects is a special way of remembering.

LexICON: a collector’s guide to obsession





Earlier this year, I met Clare Macrae-Drylie amidst an array of tat, kitsch, glitz and pure treasures at her workshop-studio in Warrnambool. Immersed might be a better word; Clare was hard at work preparing for her current exhibition at The Artery Gallery. Titled LexICON: A Collectors Guide to Obsession, the exhibition is a collaborative project with Matthew Stewart, who created the structures for Clare’s masterful arrangements.

Clare’s collection of objects, which must have been years in the making, fascinated me. I loved its quirkiness, and her obvious artist’s eye for the off-beat, the unusual, and the prosaic. But if the materials fascinated, the assemblages moved me. Some are riotously colourful, others shrine-like; her works embody a multiplicity of associations from the unsettling to the joyous. They invite the viewer to look closely, to think, to feel, question and imagine, which for me is the mark of a fine artist.