Tag: Abstract Art

  • Mixed media – abstract animals

    It could have been in storage; A mixed media canvas, propped on the workbench, waiting to be put away before I opened up for Noosa Open Studios. But two of my Marcus Artisan buddies called by and persuaded me to put it on display. Thanks to Julie and Kris, this work got a showing. I…

  • Work in progress

  • Painterly Photos

    I can’t go past these enlarged sections of the photo shoot Julie did for me. They are so painterly. When she directed the shots, I bet she didn’t imagine she’s be doing paintings in the creek.

  • Painting My Country

    Gerhard Richter’s work, exhibited at the Queensland Art Gallery recently, gave me the courage to use a roller to completely cover this painting with white paint then pare back with two different types of pallette knife. Sometimes you just need to take a deep breath and go for it!!