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  • Branching out in a new direction

    judetullochartist is having a makeover. My goal is to create a visually exciting, thought provoking “destination” for people who are lovers or creators of art, and who like to experience the world through an “artist’s eye”. In the next twelve months, I’ll be rethinking and re-designing my whole site, looking for ways to make it more […]

  • Why blog if you are a visual artist?

    Being an artist is about creating works to be viewed.

  • 2021: The artist emerges

    I am eager to rethink my art webpage and my blog

  • Birth and Death: an abstract painting

    Birth and death are inextricably linked. As one life passes, new life springs forth. This is an intensely personal abstract painting that was selected for the 2018 Taste of Art exhibition at the Noosa Regional Gallery. Somehow it resonates again in the wider context of the pandemic we are facing. I am letting it go, […]