Branching out in a new direction

judetullochartist is having a makeover. My goal is to create a visually exciting, thought provoking “destination” for people who are lovers or creators of art, and who like to experience the world through an “artist’s eye”.

In the next twelve months, I’ll be rethinking and re-designing my whole site, looking for ways to make it more appealing with a greater focus on art. That doesn’t mean the end of blogs about travel; it means that the travel part of my blog will be through the lens of an artist, which has always been my intention anyway.

As I observed in my last blog, the danger of being an artist who doesn’t really fit anywhere, is falling into solipsism – becoming self absorbed – creating art in a vacuum that doesn’t reach out to anyone. And I am betwixt and between, not a professional artist as I don’t earn a living from my art, but not a hobbyist either.

Nor I am part of any art scene, although I do have artist friends, and hover on the edge of groups from time to time. ‘Outsider artist’ works for me as a conceptualisation. It certainly beats ‘wanna be artist’ which sounds quite derogatory. Perhaps I’ll find my place as an artist and art lover in the virtual world. I invite you to join me, it could be a fun place to be.

Why blog if you are a visual artist?

Fun street art in Paddington Sydney

It is difficult to be a painter alone in your studio, no matter how much time you spend there. You have to show your work and engage with an audience, for it is social contact that energises and renews us.

Christopher Allen, Arts Writer, The Australian 

Christopher Allen goes on to say that perhaps artists were luckier in earlier times when they were commissioned to paint significant subjects for public places such as churches. Their works had a shared meaning that people understood and that was relevant to the time and place. Artists therefore had a responsive wide audience. 

Now, perhaps with the exception of graffiti, art is not so imbedded in the fabric of society. It has become rarified being ‘held’ by esteemed institutions. In contemporary western society at least, you can see fads in art and ‘trending’ artists. There is fierce competition to get a gig at a commercial gallery, or to be part of a prestigious gallery ‘stable.’ We speak of ‘the art world’ as if it is quite seperate from the real world.

That leaves an outsider artist like myself, who hasn’t been to art school. but who is serious about her practice, wondering how they can find a way to escape from what Allen calls “the quicksands of solipsism”.

Being an artist is about creating works to be viewed

A website and blogging is one way to reach an audience, though it does have limitations where visual art is concerned. That said, it has never been easier to publish your creative work, be it literary or visual.

2021: The artist emerges

Hi WordPress World. For those who don’t know me, I’m Jude Tulloch. For those who do, welcome to what I hope will be an exciting year of blogging. I’m an artist who travels, loves photography and caring for the bushland that surrounds my home in Australia on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

That’s me on September 11, 2019 in Times Square. Who could have imagined how much the world would change since that 7/11 Memorial Day in New York which I shared with dear friends?

Feeling extraordinarily thankful to be in a Covid-free zone, I am eager to rethink my art webpage and my blog which currently are completely separate. 

 My website is about Jude the artist, but most of my blogs are on travel, so those who follow me tend to be travellers. This divide now feels unnatural. I want to integrate my blog and website.

I’m up for the challenge, and would value any tips, thoughts, ideas, inspiration from anyone out there in the WordPress community. Tell me about what you are creating, because after all, a blog is an act of creation in itself.

Birth and Death: an abstract painting

Birth and Death, acrylic on canvas, 90x60cm

Birth and death are inextricably linked. As one life passes, new life springs forth. This is an intensely personal abstract painting that was selected for the 2018 Taste of Art exhibition at the Noosa Regional Gallery. Somehow it resonates again in the wider context of the pandemic we are facing. I am letting it go, despite its meaning to me, to someone who appreciates the work.