Family Photo Friday

The first of many visits by Dad to the Sunshine Coast

The Photo Friday Challenge

Hi. I’m Jude Tulloch, a creative artist wanting your  help. Here’s the plan. Each Friday I choose a photo to post. At the same time I cull then name the remaining photos taken on that day. The aims: to transform computer chaos into a cogent collection of meaningful  photos, and have some fun. I’d love to have a shrinking photo universe, but will settle for steady state. Here are the stats to date:

Starting Point: 27,781 photos; 51 videos; 166GB.

Photo File DatePhotos DeletedPhotos AddedTotal
Jan 19 20089027,771
Feb 13 200844o27,727

p.s. I know family photos aren’t necessarily the most exciting material to post, but be grateful I saved you from the numerous reference shots of the garden. Confession: I’ve edited and fast forwarded a few ‘moments’ to get here.

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