A dog designing garden paths

Instead of growling at your dog for trampling your flower beds why no let your pooch create a pooch path?

That’s what my amazingly creative sister did. She’s using her garden as a 3-D canvas while taking a break from other creative pursuits.

Meanwhile, Kaiser, her German Shepard provided a helping paw, showcasing his talent for path creation.

Rob noticed that each day Kaiser had his little walking ritual. Being a Shepherd, bred for guarding, his walks naturally included fence lines and the perimeter of the house. Rob decided to make some real tracks dictated by the places Kaiser went. Yes she did have to move the odd flower bed but that didn’t deter her. Kaiser loves his paths. They’ve added and extra dimension to the garden, suitably transforming underused awkward places into magical walkways. Who would have thought an ageing much loved four-legged member of the family could spark such creative flair?

By Jude Tulloch

An outsider contemporary artist, I revel in exploring ideas through visual mediums and pushing the boundaries of my creative practice. In life, I strive for balance, by caring for the earth, practicing Tai Chi and learning about the world through travel.

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