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  • Artist #3: Mavis Ngallametta – An artist who inspires me

    Imagine taking up painting at the age of sixty-four, creating a body of highly original work on very large linen canvases, and selling every one of these works to either major galleries or noted private collectors. This was the experience of Mavis Ngallametta in her twilight years. Early Life Born in 1944 near the Kendall […]

  • Boulders

    What is it like to live with an affinity for boulders? I want to rescue boulders destined for the tip to put in my garden. I love sitting on boulders. How often do they serve as a snack stop on bush walks? I use boulders to step across creeks, I collect pebbles which are ‘mini […]

  • Bloganuary: Why I’m ramping up my post output

    I’m doing my very own version of the WordPress Bloganuary challenge. The challenge, designed primarily but not exclusively for writers, asks participants to write on a given topic every day in January. Yes that’s right EVERY DAY. For a writer it is a great exercise. Paul, a friend who is a writer, tells me that […]

  • An artist’s way of navigating a roadtrip

    My last blog reminded me of another roadtrip in 2017. Journeys of any kind stir a creative response. I searched amongst my art room chaos for the visual diary I took on the trip. This map took me to a destination to a laugh and cry and be fully present with a very dear friend. […]