Wrens Nest: the joys of the bush

The rewards for water monitoring

Imagine me, draped along the elegantly leaning tree pictured in the background of this photo. Balancing somewhat precariously, I did manage to find in the shrinking waterhole, a spot with sufficiently deep water to immerse the water monitoring  probe.

Somewhat stagnant now, the puddle-like waterhole will soon become a much cleaner source of water for the birds, insects wallabies, and other animals that live in the coastal reserve along Noosa’s eastern beaches. When the rainy season comes, the rains flush it out, and the intermittent coastal creek flows again. 

 Then, while perching with the Horiba, across the water I spotted this exquisite wren’s nest. I carefully brought the Horiba onto terra firma, and packed the expensive piece of kit in its backpack before photographing the nest. What a beautiful reward for keeping an eye on the health of the creek. 

Clever little wren: a room with a view, a home over the water that no cat would dare try to invade, and a ready source of food as insects hover over the water.