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  • Van Gogh

    Van Gogh

    An immersive video experience of Van Gogh’s work at Lume, Melbourne.

  • Covid Bubble

  • Sunset ahoy Airlie Beach

    There’s nothing quite like the ocean colour in Tropical North Queensland. It must be a combination of the bright sunlight and the shallow waters that lie within the Great Barrier Reef. Even as the sun sinks, the water still has the vestiges of that intense turquoise. Many years ago when I lived in Melbourne, I…

  • Sun strikes in the Rainforest: Paluma Range National Park

    By the side of the Andree Griffin Rainforest Walk at Paluma township, the sunlight caught this elegantly twisted buttress of a massive, strangler fig carcass bought to life by its velvet green coat of moss. The tropical rainforest of the Paluma Range feels lusher, and more encompassing than the subtropical littoral rainforest remnants close to…