Hello from me

Hello from me

I’m an outsider artist, which is another way of saying I’m a bit of a loner in the art world. I’m not collectable, and I didn’t go to art school. I work sporadically when inspiration calls. Although I’m influenced by the art around me I don’t feel constrained by fashions or trends. So there are all sorts of projects going on in my head and in the garage studio.

Ripple, acrylic on canvas, 61x61cm
61x61cm, Acrylic on canvas

Being an outsider artist gives me extraordinary freedom to play, experiment and respond to the external and internal world. I’m on a creative journey that can lead anywhere and everywhere!

Artworks require a viewer to make them meaningful, This website is where I showcase my work. I hope you will find something here that moves you, inspires you, makes you think, brings you joy, challenges you, or makes you smile. When you respond to a particular work, it also deepens my creative experience. I’d love to hear from you,

Oil on canvas, 66 x86cm

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