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The appreciation for old dogs

I love old dogs.  More often than not, I pause to pat them, and they look up at me with old eyes, full of appreciation and resignation. Dogs live for their walks. On the beach, the old dogs walk slowly, lagging behind their owners, their heads down, stiff-limbed moving with dogged determination. Even though it…

The Abundance of Joy

Joy is a sensory experience, feeling, hearing, touching, smelling, connecting. It is in the small details of our everyday lives that joy resides.  The joyful moments are there, if we take time to notice them. Joy is hearing the Glossy Black Cockatoos squawking amongst the trees in the morning on the dunes behind my house before they…

Letting go in the New Year

Let go of one possession each day Have you made any New Year’s Resolutions? There is nothing remotely interesting about my New Year’s Resolution. It’s in the category of social media posts detailing what you ate for breakfast, trivial. So why am I posting it? Well, how many people keep their New Years Resolutions? Not…

March 2021: Right now I’m prioritising the planet over painting.

Marcus Creek

I’m writing a submission to the Draft Coastal Hazards Adaptation Plan.  I’m also overseeing some contract work at a local coastal reserve. But I will find time to oil the timber on my beautiful new wooden easel this week so that it will be ready for action when all the submission writing is done.

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