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Easter Sunday 2021

   The garage mosaic workshop just happened, as a result of some casual conversations with friends. It culminated in a wonderful group of women, friends and friends of friends, coming together to learn how to create their own special pieces using tiles glass beads, shells and anything else they fancied from my collection  of mosaic material.  It’s been years since I have done any mosaic pieces.  Tempted to give away my stash on more than one occasion, but so glad I hadn’t as now had the joy of seeing other’s creative work. We had great fun, and were so engrossed in our projects that sadly I didn’t even think of taking pictures. 

So this photo is of one of three paving stones I’m working on. What inspired them was some beautiful barbed wire grass that self-seeded on a bare patch in the garden where a formal path branches off to the wilder part of native plants and the banana patch. Zeroscaping at its finest. As if by intent, the three clumps of grass grew in a row along what will become my mosaic stepping stone path.

A tip for kick starting stalled creative efforts: Do something that involves others, thereby creating positive collective energy. 

March 2021: Right now I’m prioritising the planet over painting.

I’m writing submissions to the Draft Coastal Hazards Adaptation Plan, Draft Bushland Reserve Strategic Management Plan 2021-2026 and Draft Bushland Reserve Strategic Fire Management Plan 2021. I’m also overseeing some contract work at a local coastal reserve. But I will find time to oil the timber on my beautiful new wooden easel this week so that it will be ready for action when all the submission writing is done.

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