What I’m Doing Now

March 2021: Right now I’m prioritising the planet over painting.

Marcus Creek

I’m writing submissions to the Draft Coastal Hazards Adaptation Plan, Draft Bushland Reserve Strategic Management Plan 2021-2026 and Draft Bushland Reserve Strategic Fire Management Plan 2021. I’m also overseeing some contract work at a local coastal reserve. But I will find time to oil the timber on my beautiful new wooden easel this week so that it will be ready for action when all the submission writing is done.

judetullochartist NEW SITE COMING

Right now I’m working on a total redesign of my site. I’m aiming to make it easier to navigate around the three broad areas I blog about: ART, TRAVEL, and NATURE.
The work is “backend” out of sight to the viewer, so for the moment, my site will be a simple blog roll with perhaps a little less activity than usual. Stay tuned though for a new, more visually exciting website.

A Processionary Caterpillar Breaks Away

“As the caterpillars grow, a brown stocking-like nest of silk is formed at the base of the tree at the spot where the eggs were first laid.” Queensland Museum That’s what I first saw when weeding around this tree. I thought it was animal fur but my instinct told me no, as there was no […]

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