Mosiac garden decoration

Totem: Off cut  from boardwalk plank decorated with glass buttons. Plank found while doing Bushland restoration work. 


IMG_5644Mosaic Ball, circumference 40 cm, polystyrene ball, glass tesserae, brass bangle, tin platter finished with oil paint


Mosaic Garden Decoration IMG_2437Sphere,  circumference 33 cm, sea buoy, glass tesserae and shells


 Mosaic Garden Decoration IMG_1499 Mosaic tiles, 20 x20 cm, glass tesserae


 Mosaic Garden Decoration IMG_5568Mosaic ball,  circumference  67 cm, buoy in the previous photo (salvaged from beach), cut glass tesserae, shells, round glass tesserae.


Mosaic Garden Decoration IMG_1508Owl, 10 x 11 cm shells and glass beads on cork base


Mosaic platter, 26 cm diam, tile and glass tesserae on hand built ceramic base


IMG_5563Mosaic Tile, 29 x 22 cm, tile, shell and bead tesserae on corkbooard


IMG_6125Mosaic tea-light candle holder, glass and metal holder, glass and button tesserae


Mosaic Garden Decoration IMG_5985_2Snake, 134cm long, wire armature, cement and shell


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