Mixed Media

The Rubbish Collection B&W

Over a period of five days in January 2013, I collected, sorted and photographed plastic washed up on Marcus Beach, Sunshine Coast, Queensland.

Rubbish Collection
These photographs made into collage images bear the title “The Rubbish Collection”.

Tongue in Cheek? Absolutely, but….

Picking up debris, predominantly plastic, from the beach reminds me each day why I  avoid single use plastic packaging, say no to plastic bags and plastic drink bottles, and choose food items packaged in cardboard or glass wherever possible. Many of us at Marcus pick up rubbish on our daily beach walk. It’s a small contribution to the health of our planet.




Rubbish Collection #4

Little BirdPottery Bird IMG_1265

Hand built bowl

Hand Built Bowl IMG_1263

On my iPad

Sometimes I just muck around on my iPad when I have a few minutes to spare. It feels like I’m a little kid scribbling with coloured Textas. Art or not, I love it, great fun.

IMG_2041 japanese girl
Japanese Girl

Flotsam and Jetsam  Ephemeral Art

Plastic collected from the beach on my daily walks with Jimmy the poodle.



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